3 Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can happen even in situations where you may not believe it possible. You may not think that the minor collision or that quick fall was enough to cause damage, but you would be surprised at how easily the brain can suffer from an injury. You may also have underlying medical issues that make any type of injury worse, such as a blood-clotting disorder. When the brain is healing from a violent event, it may never function in quite the same way. Check out these three common causes of traumatic brain injury, and save you or someone you love by getting medical treatment for them immediately.

  1. Head Impacts

Traumatic brain injuries most often result from an event that causes a direct impact to the head. A fall from a ladder, for example, that ends with you smacking your head on the pavement below. A pedestrian accident where a piece of construction equipment falls from a building and strikes you in the head. A blow to the skull is the number one culprit that causes traumatic brain injury. The skull is a thick case that protects the brain. However, when something hits that case with enough force, it may cause a crack or it may go through and hit the brain. Since the central nervous system begins and ends in the brain, a breach of the skull may cause other parts of the body to malfunction. The first indication of traumatic brain injury is bleeding from the head.

  1. Force Injuries

A head strike is not the only thing that can inflict severe damage to the brain. Force injuries that exert themselves on the body can cause the brain to rattle around inside the skull. When it moves around, it may become bruised and swell. Small pieces may begin to hemorrhage or bleed, an event that, if not stopped soon enough, may result in a stroke. Permanent damage and even death may come from a stroke event. Thus, a car accident that doesn’t seem to cause any immediate indication of a traumatic brain injury may warrant a trip to the hospital just in case.

  1. Oxygen Deprivation

The brain needs oxygen to function. When it does not get enough oxygen, it may begin to shut down. Traumatic brain injuries may happen in situations where the brain is oxygen-deprived. This can happen as the result of a drawing, a car accident that blocks the airway, or even a birth injury where the baby is not delivered quickly enough.

Damage to the head may require extensive care and rehabilitation. A brain injury lawyer may help you get whatever is needed. If you have endured a brain injury and believe that you might need legal help or advice for your injury, contact a professional can assist you with understanding your rights if you’ve been a victim of a brain injury.