Juvenile Offenses

If you have a child, the last thing you would want them to do is face criminal charges while they are young. Unfortunately some things are out of your control. It is very common that young adults make the wrong decisions, which may negatively affect their lives as well as those around them. For some, depending on the offense, if a criminal act occurred while you are a juvenile, it may follow you for the rest of your life. Some judges think it is best to punish minors for any offenses while they are young and in an attempt to rehabilitate them for their adult life. Much like adults, they are a very common juvenile crime. If you are a parent or a loved one of a young adult, it is important to know what these crimes are. This way you can do your best to prevent them or know what to do, should they occur.


Theft is very common because young adults usually do not have money. This may come from simply taking an item from a grocery store to taking an item as large as a car. For juveniles, sometimes the punishment fits the crime, but many times the age is considered.


Assault is common because children do not know how to control their temper like adults do or should. This can range from pushing, all the way to physically harming. This can be due to bullying or because your child is what is considered a “bully”. 


This can be innocent fun for some, but malicious for others. Young adults may not realize or understand that although it is simply a playground, you cannot spray paint graffiti on the slides.

Curfew Violations

This can simply happen because you are unaware of curfew regulations in your area. It can be avoided by simply knowing what the curfew is, while also knowing that children may simply stay out longer than they should. 

Contact a Lawyer

No matter the extent of the offense, no parent or loved or wants to have their young adult facing criminal charges. However, because some things are not preventable, should this happen, be sure to contact a criminal defense attorney in the area of the offense to begin building a defense for your loved one. While their age can save them from a lot of trouble, sometimes other factors take a toll and could affect your child for a while. Contact an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., to discuss legal options.