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Top Reasons For Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney 

Estate Planning Attorney

Plan for your loved ones.

Unfortunately, many wait until it is too late to develop their plan for their estate. Not only may this negatively affect medical directives and final wishes of the person, but his or her loved ones as well. If not clearly documented, the loved ones of the sick or elderly may not know how to best care for them, or what medical instructions they would like to be carried out. Save your family members the heartache and confusion, by thinking ahead and working with an estate planning attorney.

Protect your assets.

What are considered assets of an estate? Some may wonder what exactly an asset means, and how to measure its worth, whether sentimental or of monetary value. An attorney with Silverman Law Office, PLLC will advise their client to look around their house and document what they see. For example, artwork, antique furniture, cars, book collections, and so on. Once they have established a list, an attorney will either work with their client or their executor to establish worth and form a distribution list. The client or executor may wish to donate assets to charity or disburse the items amongst family and friends. 

As a beneficiary, you are entitled to certain assets of the estate. These assets are documented within the estate plan and distributed by the executor of the plan. Whether the assets are of high or low financial value, they should be given out exactly how the estate wishes. The executor of the estate should be a person whom the client wholeheartedly trusts. 

Account for state law and tax considerations.

It is vital to consider taxes, and other legal ramifications while planning the estate. That is why allowing a Bozeman estate planning attorney assist in the process is extremely beneficial. The last thing a grieving family wants to do is to contend with a disputed will because the plan failed to account for these crucial components. 

Ensure all documents needed.

There are many documents needed for the estate plan that may leave the client feeling overwhelmed, and unsure of how to proceed. Rest assured that the estate planning attorney will assist in locating those documents, and making sure the estate is accounted for. These types of documents include the letter of intent, last will, and testament, beneficiary designation, power of attorney, medical directives, plan for children, life insurance policy as well as retirement and bank accounts. 

Personalize your estate plan.

No two estate plans are the same and should be as unique as the client wishes them to be. By working with an attorney, you can tailor make your estate plan exactly how you like. Entrust your legacy, and start planning with an attorney today. Don’t feel overwhelmed trying to navigate an estate plan by yourself. Although that option is cheaper, you could accidentally miss something important costing yourself the care you need, and your loved ones their entitled assets. Hiring an attorney not only entrusts your estate plan is thoroughly looked after but grants you the peace of mind you deserve.