When Should You Discharge Your Lawyer?



Choosing a lawyer to represent you in a criminal case can be a painstaking process. After all, you want the best possible lawyer to advocate for you, particularly when you are facing serious charges. Even with research and vetting, it is still possible to work with a lawyer that you don’t get along with or don’t trust. Trust is one of the most important aspects of an attorney and client relationship. If you can’t trust him or her, then it might be time to think about another lawyer.

It is legal for you to change lawyers whenever you want to. If you hired the lawyer, then you can discharge your lawyer. Keep in mind that if you do fire your lawyer, you will have to pay him or her the portion of the fee earned.


How do you know if it’s time to part ways with your attorney?


Lack of Communication

You have to be able to contact your lawyer regularly. If he or she is never returning your calls, then there may be an issue. In the middle of a criminal case, new evidence may come up or you may have questions and concerns that need to be answered. Lawyers should be willing to communicate with you.


Lack of Experience

Before choosing a lawyer, you probably checked his or her experience. However, as a case progresses, the need for different experiences may come up. There could be elements of the crime that he or she has little to no experience in. If you suspect that your lawyer is not an expert in your particular case or if you have disagreements about the way that the attorney defends you, then you may need to find someone more suited to your case.


Lack of Organization

You should expect your lawyer to be professional and organized at all times. When you appear in court, the attorney should always be prepared. You should never feel as though your case is being mishandled. When you do feel this way, you can discharge your lawyer and look for one that acts professionally.


You do not have to stick with the same lawyer. You do not need to have much of a reason to fire the current lawyer either. If you are unsatisfied with his or her defense, you can discharge him or her and hire someone else. To find out how another lawyer could help you, set up a consultation with a lawyer, like a criminal defense lawyer in Cypress, TX from Winfrey Law Firm, as soon as possible.