Nursing Home Lawyer Washington, DC

Senior citizens depend on safe assisted living facilities, as an experienced nursing home lawyer in Washington, DC understands. They provide long-term care for residents and come with many types of resources and a sense of community. However, incidents of neglect and negligence committed by staff or other residents can occur in nursing homes. If you think you may have had your rights abused, you may want to speak with an experienced lawyer who has this particular background.


How Do I Understand a Nursing Home’s Record?


As a resident there are several ways you can inspect if a nursing home is a trustworthy and safe place. You can do your own background check by reviewing its score through the Medicare program’s rating system. This tool allows you to compare different sites as well as read survey summaries which are conducted at the state and federal level. 


Through this research, you’ll be able to get an idea of the nursing home’s record and whether they’ve experienced problems such as understaffing, resident or personnel complaints, infrastructure issues, etc. Doing a thorough background check lets you narrow down your options to sites that offer the best resident care and consistently abide by regulations. 


How Do I Spot Signs of Abuse and Neglect?


As a Washington, DC nursing home lawyer from a law firm like Brown Kiely LLP knows, it can be difficult to notice the signs of abuse, especially if you’ve been the victim. If you’re not sure whether you or your loved ones have experience neglect or abuse in a nursing home, consider these warning signs: 


  • Equipment that appears dirty or is not frequently sanitized

  • Physical signs of abuse such as bruises, tears, and scars 

  • Disorientation or cognitive decline

  • Pressure sores or ulcers


There may be other signs you might have missed, so inform a trusted family member and primary medical professionals if you suspect any instances of abuse. 


What Should I Expect During a Consultation?


During your first meeting with an attorney, you will explore your options for pursuing a claim. After you’ve determined your reasons for moving forward with the case, the attorney will go over your case details and discuss the appropriate strategies to increase your chances of getting the right compensation. Then they will go over the specifics of your case to start the negotiation process on your behalf.


Meet with a Nursing Home Attorney 


Our team of dedicated lawyers at Brown Kiely LLP have over 25 years of experience in successfully advocating for elderly residents who have experienced abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you would like to speak with a nursing home lawyer in the Washington, DC area, contact us now for a free consultation.