Five Tips To Ensure a Safe Halloween

For children, the end of summer comes with the consolation that Halloween is around the corner. This fun-filled night is a great way to create fond childhood memories, but it is necessary to consider safety, as a personal injury lawyer, like from the Law Office of Daniel Wright, knows only too well. Here are five tips to ensure a happy and safe Halloween regardless of whether you have children of your own:

  1. Choose Appropriate Costumes
    When young children are outside at night, they should wear clothing that doesn’t hinder their movement, especially during Halloween, when they may have their hands full with candy bags. A child’s costume should be well-fitting without extraneous fabric and parts that can encourage tripping or sight and hearing impairment. If possible, include a flash-light or other light source that is simple to activate.
  2. Stay Alert
    Children walking through dark or unfamiliar neighborhoods should be accompanied by an adult or encouraged to pay attention to their surroundings. Crossing streets requires particular care to prevent tripping in the road. Drivers should use extra caution during Halloween to avoid getting close to children wearing dark clothing or who may run in their path.
  3. Plan the Route in Advance
    Planning which neighborhoods, streets and houses to visit while trick-or-treating on Halloween is the best way to keep track of children who should go out only in groups. Parents can instruct older children unaccompanied by adults to follow a predetermined route. If you are accompanying young children, it is still necessary to make a plan so that you can focus on your children’s experience and safety rather than deciding on where you will go.
  4. Create a Safe Path
    You may not have children of your own to take out on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you won’t receive many visitors. Before dark, check the pathway leading to your door to ensure that there are no obstacles that can cause children or their attendants to trip and fall. Proper lighting outside your house is also essential for Halloween safety.
  5. Choose Appropriate Treats
    More than ever, children suffer from food allergies that can create severe allergic reactions. Advise your children not to eat any treats before you have the opportunity to inspect them. If you are offering treats, try not to include anything that could be objectionable. Avoid treats including flour and nuts, or anything home-made or unwrapped.

Halloween is a time of great joy for most children. If the unthinkable happens and you or your children get hurt, contact a personal injury attorney immediately.